Twice As Good!

When I met the good folks at Honor Brewing Co. last year, I knew that their hand-crafted beers would offer the perfect choices for beer lovers at our kickoff fundraiser event.

As a Veteran-owned business, their mission to recognize the memories of fallen soldiers by putting their name on every beer can resonates deeply with me. For those that have served and sacrificed, their bravery deserves recognition, and the owner, Allen Cage, has established a brewery and tasting room committed to brewing great beer to honor the heroes and toast those who have proudly served our country. I did not need to think much at all when considering where we would hold our Spring fundraiser event.

The morning I had my meeting with Hayley and Leighanne, I was so nervous at the thought of inviting them to be a Cook For Vets Sponsor for our Souls Feeding Souls 2023 Fundraiser. Upon proposing an offer of Sponsorship, there wasn’t any hesitation on their part to accept. They appeared as eager to be part of our journey as much as I was to have them. As the three of us spoke in detail about what Honor was offering up I felt as though I was dreaming. The venue, music, and seating will be an ideal location for further progressing our mission. Adequate space is available for our guests to mingle, circulate, and engage with each other while they enjoy the afternoon, either outside or hanging out in the Tasting Room. Live music, great food, raffle prizes, and marketing tables will also offer guests opportunities to gather and perhaps most importantly, help Cook For Vets raise funds to ensure food security for Veterans and their households through the distribution of healthy meals and groceries for balanced, sustained nutrition.

With the days flying by, there is still much to do and prepare for, but one thing is for sure. I am certain we are in great hands with the incredible staff at Honor Brewing Co. and our guests are in for a real treat!

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