Cook For Vets


Cook For Vets

Cook For Vets, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Virginia, was founded in May 2022. Our mission is to provide food security for Veterans and their households through the distribution of healthy meals and groceries for balanced, sustained nutrition.

Who we serve

Our way of saying thank you to the brave souls who committed themselves to a life of service and sacrifice, is by stepping up our efforts and prioritizing each and every service member in need of assistance.

In doing so, our greatest efforts reflect a responsibility for providing what they are lacking. For the proud military service members, recognition of their actions necessitates establishing ourselves as a group who seeks to provide the same access to sustained nutrition as non-Veterans.

What we do

Cook For Vets, Inc. provides balanced, sustained nutrition to Veterans and their households. As food scarcity continues to be an increasing concern amongst the Veteran population, our priority is to prepare, cook, and provide meals that are personally cooked and delivered by our trusted volunteers.

Partnership and collaboration are the backbone to supporting our Veterans as we align with committed partners, other nonprofits, and Veteran Service Organizations for achieving our goals. Community outreach entails networking with local restaurants, farmers markets, and food suppliers to additionally serve as resources for our food suppliers

Who we ARE

We are a team of committed individuals whose primary goal is to act with similar intentions as the service members we provide for. With excellence, integrity, and advocacy the cornerstone of our ideals, we see our volunteer efforts as a way of supporting the health and well-being of those who have risked their lives in service to our country.

Cook for Vets is comprised of service-oriented members who collectively make up a stronghold that embues passion while serving as a hub for focus-driven efforts and strategic planning to assist Veterans faced with food insecurity

How to get involved:

Cook For Vets strives to elicit positive impact on the Veteran community at large with humility, respect, and admiration. It serves Veterans from all branches of the military and all walks of life. We seek volunteers willing to give a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to assist with preparation, cooking, and packing up meals for delivery to our service members. Consider becoming an advocate for Veterans by getting involved with Cook For Vets!