Souls Feeding Souls 2023

Most days, I let my heart guide me in the direction where Cook For Vets is intended to go. I am most definitely following the thread – thank you Charmaine – so we can progress our mission further and further.

Fundraising is a huge part of the process and I could never have imagined that being the founder and president of a non-profit necessitates asking for so much assistance. I owe a huge shoutout to my friend, Julie, whose expertise when it comes to being philanthropic and raising funds has been invaluable. With our upcoming Spring fundraiser event just around the corner, I am both excited and nervous for our second fundraiser to be as successful as our first.

On Saturday, May 20th we will come together at Honor Brewing Co. in Chantilly, VA for a fun-filled day with great food, music, and raffle prizes.

In addition, Veteran Service Organizations and businesses will be sharing their marketing materials to spread the word about how they support the Veteran community. Our featured guest speaker will be a representative from the Virginia Department of Veteran Services. With our alliance, there is no question that their presence at our event will be an integral part of bringing awareness to the public. With all that they do for Veterans and their families, plus their support as a resource for Cook For Vets, together, we can be a driving force advocating for Veterans in need of the services.

I want to send a huge thank you to my liaisons, Ahime Harris and James Custodio, for being patient in the process of Cook For Vets serving the Veteran community.

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