On A Mission To Serve

After booking the River Farm as the venue for the kickoff fundraiser I got busy planning my next move. With years of experience planning family holidays and hosting special events I consider myself a seasoned hostess. With little to no experience planning fundraisers I turned to those who know how to serve it up best to our service members. It made perfect sense that with my mission to serve those who’ve served our country that BBQ would suit the occasion perfectly.

With a prior fundraiser for Vietnam Veteran’s Day under my belt and Mission BBQ as the caterer it would be a perfect pairing for the Cook For Vets kickoff fundraiser. Mission BBQ not only provides great food, but honors the brave souls in uniform including military members, the police, firefighters, and first responders. Our heroes are giving back on a daily basis and Mission BBQ stands out as a business that promotes patriotism and heroism as their mission.

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