Let’s Salute the American Legion Post 1976

In the At Ease blog post, I wrote about how doors had opened up as a result of our alliance with their military magazine. Our connection with American Legion Post 1976 in Annandale, VA, their Auxiliary, Sons of the American Legion American Legion Riders, and Daughters of the American Revolution (Henry Clay Chapter) came quite unexpectedly. It was our featured article in the December issue that inspired them to connect with me.

After receiving an email from Dorothy Vigano, we set up a time to talk. From that point on, the awesome people of the American Legion have come out in full support of Cook For Vets. Like the volunteers with our nonprofit, they share the same commitment and passion to serve those who have served. Their actions are truly inspirational as they hold monthly breakfasts to raise money in support of organizations doing charitable work in the community.

American Legion Post 1976 not only invited me to their February breakfast, but had informed me that the monies raised that morning would be donated to Cook For Vets. I nearly fell off my chair when Dorothy told me at the end of the breakfast meal what the Post would be donating. The funds were so generous which gave them the opportunity to be a Sponsor for our Spring fundraiser event. Who would have thought??? It gets even better!!!

About three weeks after the American Legion donated the funds to Cook For Vets, we received a matching donation from them. Upon seeing the donation, I thought that there must be some mistake! Dorothy reached out and informed me that the Post is eager to make contributions of this kind as too many Veterans are struggling with food scarcity on a daily basis and there hasn’t been any organizations doing this kind of work within the local communities.

I spend much of my day reflecting on all the goodness that is happening with Cook For Vets and feeling especially grateful for the like-minded souls I am meeting. My mantra, “stronger together” is without a doubt what guides me to do the work I am called to do with the people that find our mission meaningful and purpose-driven. Thank you to American Legion Post 1976 and all those connected to it that are joining efforts with Cook For Vets to become a force for battling Veteran hunger. Your passion and caring hearts are huge!!

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