It’s Really Happening

My journey to become incorporated as a nonprofit has finally come to fruition. After I happily resigned from teaching in 2019 I had no idea what the next phase of my life would entail. Not one to ask the whys or hows, I am more inclined to trust the process and maintain incredible faith that life will take me in the direction I am meant to go.

For the better part of my adult life I have followed my heart, and what I consider my calling, to give back for the many blessings bestowed upon me. With my experience as a Girl Scout Leader for seven years and four years running a committee for homeless men living in the woods in New York it is no surprise that my path would lead me down the road to wanting to start a nonprofit organization to serve Veterans. Not knowing how I would help Veterans in need I trusted the process and let it unfold as it should.

Through social media I began aligning myself with Veterans and Veteran service organizations to connect with those who would lead the way. As time passed I gained clarity that food would be the driving force behind my mission. Souls feeding souls is my motto for alleviating food insecurity. Making a positive impact in the Veteran community necessitates being part of the solution to the growing problems surrounding inadequate and nutritious food resources. My dream became a reality – Cook For Vets was born.

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