Forging Forward In February

After our successful first meal delivery experience in January, we were raring and ready to go this month. As our movement of souls feeding souls gets underway, establishing ourselves as being part of the solution, rather than a band-aid, is paramount to our mission. We take pride in providing healthy meals to those who have limited access to proper nutrition. Another five Veterans were carefully referred to Cook For Vets as being in need and we gladly were eager to assist. The individuals referred for February comprised a single mom with two young children and two cats, a Veteran and his wife, and two more Veterans. We are more than happy to provide pet food, as needed. This month’s menu included meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots for Saturday and Sunday dinner meals. Sunday breakfast was a hard-boiled egg, blueberry muffin, bagel with cream cheese, and a banana. The lunch meal was a turkey and cheese sandwich, homemade three-bean salad, granola bar, and an orange.

While the kitchen at Galloway is not large, what we are generating within this space is quite monumental. Who we deliver monthly meals to is determined through our alliance with the Department of Veteran Services to make referrals of those in most need. Serving as a community resource for local Veterans and their households is our “call to action”, “boots on the ground” approach in making an impact within the Northern Virginia Veteran community. As we prioritize reducing Veteran food scarcity, monthly meal deliveries are our best way of saying thank you for their service and sacrifice.

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