Fields 4 Valor Farms: Battling Veteran Hunger

We are thrilled to share with you an inspiring new connection – Fields 4 Valor Farms, a beacon of hope in the fight against Veteran hunger. Through the power of social media, we have had the privilege of connecting with this remarkable organization, based in Brandywine, Maryland, and are excited to shine a spotlight on their incredible mission. Fields 4 Valor Farms was founded in 2016 by Army Veteran, Peter Scott, with a singular goal in mind: to end Veteran hunger. What began as a humble endeavor has blossomed into a thriving operation, with Peter and his team dedicating themselves to growing and delivering fresh vegetables, eggs, and honey to Veteran families.

What sets Fields 4 Valor Farms apart is not just their commitment to providing nutritious food to those in need, but also their philosophy with regards to community and healing, which closely aligns with our mission at Cook For Vets. The farm, spanning seven acres, is a testament to the power of sustainable farming practices and the resilience of the human spirit. With the help of fellow Veterans and military family members, Peter has created an environment that is both healing and enriching, serving as a sanctuary for those who have served our country. We at Cook For Vets are deeply inspired by the work of Fields 4 Valor Farms and the impact they have made in the lives of Veterans battling food scarcity. Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment to their mission serve as a beacon of hope for us all.

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Fields 4 Valor Farms, we have received a donation of 45 dozen eggs. This allowed us to expand our offerings and provide perishable items to complement our meals and food pantry items. This donation marks a significant milestone in our journey to support Veterans facing food insecurity and we are deeply grateful to Fields 4 Valor Farms for their unwavering support and commitment to our mission.

At Cook For Vets, we firmly believe in the power of connection and collaboration. It is through alliances such as this that we are able to amplify our impact and serve more Veterans in need. With Fields 4 Valor Farms by our side, we are reminded that we are stronger together, capable of doing more and serving more, one Veteran, one day at a time.

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