Dress Up To Stock The Pantry

There’s no manual that teaches you how to successfully venture into nonprofit uncharted territory. What ultimately makes one’s nonprofit a viable entity stems from building awareness and credibility. A kickoff fundraiser seemed like a logical choice. With initiative and careful planning I have embarked on networking and aligning with like-minded individuals and organizations that see my vision as purposeful and meaningful.

It has taken immense courage, perseverance and guts to remain undeterred and keep moving forward no matter what. I am determined to see Cook For Vets become a household name which spurs me on each and every day. Not only is my goal to raise much-needed funds to set up our kitchen and food pantry, but also to raise awareness for our cause. Set for Thursday, October 20th at River Farm in Alexandria, Virginia, I am eagerly anticipating our kickoff fundraiser to be a successful evening celebrating three years in the making. With several Veteran guest speakers and coverage by print media, my intention is for our fundraiser to draw enough attention to elicit greater community involvement.

I am requesting that each attendee bring a non-perishable food item or canned good to contribute to our Food Pantry, so that a bag of groceries can accompany every meal delivered to a Veteran. Certainly dressing up to stock our pantry will be a win-win situation for Cook For Vets.

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